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Welcome to Dahlia

Have you been considering renovating your home? Has the outdated kitchen in your home kept you from hosting gatherings? Could you benefit from the extra living space that a finished basement can provide your family? While everyone has their own reason for wanting a change, we can help make those dreams a reality. The hope of this blog is to help introduce you to Dahlia, and why you should consider using Dahlia for your next project.

Why Dahlia?

The words "Quality, Honesty, and Transparency" can be found on the home screen of our website. We believe these to be more than just words, but rather something we try to live by everyday.

Quality stretches far beyond the materials used in our renovations. Quality comes in the many different forms, such as interactions, supervision, and our designs.

Honesty is something that we pride ourselves in. The fact of the matter is that the renovation process can be a scary. You want someone that you can trust from the start of your project until it is completed. We stand by the fact that your trust is best built through honesty.

Transparency is key to not only building your trust, but to also maintaining it throughout your project. Transparency is given by sharing information, whether it may be good or bad. We care about our clients and are transparent in everything we do.

About Dahlia

Dahlia was started in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2019 out of a passion for construction and the love of design. Our team started with 2 people that had a strength in each of these areas. These combined strengths are what sets us apart from the rest.

We believe whether the project is a small bathroom remodel or a custom home, the project should be fun and exciting. Construction has always been a scary industry to people and many often fear situations such as, "Does my contractor know what they're doing?", "Will I be able to afford this remodel?", "What if it actually costs more than I thought?".

These are a few examples of what everyone fears. One of the several reasons we began Dahlia Construction was because of this. We want people to feel confident in hiring us as a contractor. As we began Dahlia Construction, we focused on being educated in all factors of remodels and new homes. This way we can ensure we our offering the best solutions to our clients.

Coming Soon!

We are so excited to share our thoughts, tips, projects, and so much more through this blog.

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Thoughtful Design & Quality Construction

Let's begin your next project and create the home of your dreams!


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